Raskin’s fish is a family owned business offering a huge variety of kosher fish products to their customers. It all started in 1961, when Mr. Berel Raskin opened up a fish store on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Besides offering daily caught fresh fish to his clientele, he developed the famous Raskin’s Gefilte Fish formula that can be found internationally today.

 Fast forward 50 years, Raskin’s fish has expanded their fish products selections; Herring delicacies, canned fish items, smoked fish, fish marinades etc. you name it, they have it!

Although you can still meet Berel Raskin at the original location to serve you alongside his sons and grandsons, Raskin’s fish counters can  now be found all over the tristate area.

Askin4raskin is a behind the scene glimpse into the Raskin’s fish family.

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